90′ – 130′ Steel EH

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    external halyard flagpole, steel base plate, cast aluminum cleat, swivel snaps, rotating truck

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    Both external and internal halyard flagpoles are fabricated from all new seamless steel tubing. Diminishing sections, welded together, form a tapered appearance. Sizes below are most commonly used, we can fabricate other sizes to any specifications.

    Ball – 14 Ga. Aluminum with flash seam. Gold anodized is furnished unless otherwise specified or choose from Clear Anodized (Silver) or finished to match shaft.

    Truck – heavy duty, external halyard, non-fouling, revolving-type with 26 stainless steel ball bearings. Finished to match flagpole shaft.

    Halyard – standard equipment includes one waterproof, mildew and U.V. Resistant nylon halyard with wire center. Choose: White, Silver, Black or Brown to match shaft.

    Cleat – heavy-duty cast aluminum finished to match shaft. Secured with two stainless steel, flat-head, tamper-proof machine screws.

    Collar – ornamental base or flash collar of spun aluminum with a diameter of at least 1” larger than the foundation sleeve.

    Foundation Sleeve – 16 Ga. Corrugated steel tubing with lightning spike, base plate, support plate and centering wedges.

    Above fittings are included as standard equipment on all Diminishing Section Flagpoles with External Halyards. As with all of our Flagpole lines, optional accessories are available.

    Finish – all of our steel flagpoles are mechanically cleaned and chemically etched to provide a smooth surface. Two coats of two-part polyurethane primer are applied before application of two polyurethane finish coats. Specify custom or one of these standard colors: Aluminum (silver), Light
    Bronze, Medium Bronze, Dark Bronze, Black or White.

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    Important shipping notice

    The shipping for most of our flagpoles, because of size, weight, destination, etc., must be determined on a case-by-case basis. Because of this, poles aren’t available for purchase online. To purchase a pole, first contact us regarding shipping. To start the process, please fill out the Shipping Quote Form


    We are able to quote extremely low bids when the cash flow permits.
    Payment: 50% due before the order is processed, 50% due within 15 days after order is received.
    Pricing Quotes and Freight Estimates are good for 30 days.

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